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The relegation of Bilbao Athletic threatens the future of the Lezama youth system

Miguel Castillo

April 17, 2023 | 4:00 p.m.

A new defeat could have dramatic consequences for Basconia and the development of young talents

El Athletic Bilbao faces a worrying outlook after their last defeat against Numancia by 0-1. With an evicted and faded team, their decline could dramatically drag down Lezama's quarry, putting the future of young promises at risk.

Consequences of the possible relegation of Bilbao Athletic

If Bilbao Athletic lose next week, it could cause their mathematical relegation. This situation would directly affect the Basconia, which would be prevented from playing the playoff that he won several weeks ago, becoming the culmination of a resounding failure.

Basconia, for their part, tied their last game playing almost all the time with one less due to the expulsion of Arenal. If Bilbao Athletic fails to reverse their situation, Basconia's season could end next week.

Performance of other teams from the Lezama youth academy

Meanwhile, youth B He achieved a victory of great merit, although he still does not have the participation of Lukin. The players Torrico and Peciña continue to be outstanding scorers in this team.

Furthermore, the Cadet He achieved a resounding win and was proclaimed champion. Despite not having great individualities, the team has shown optimal performance throughout the season.

However, the cadet B they suffered a defeat against Danok Bat in a game ahead of the day. This result can serve as a humbling experience for the youngsters, who had just come off a successful stint in the Oviedo Cup.

The importance of the Lezama youth system for the future of Athletic

La Cantera de Lezama historically it has been the fundamental pillar in the development of players for Athletic Bilbao, following a policy of promoting local talent. The possible relegation of Bilbao Athletic and its consequences for Basconia and other youth teams could negatively affect the projection of future talents.

Need to reverse the situation

It is crucial that Bilbao Athletic find a way to reverse their situation and avoid relegation, thus ensuring the future of Lezama's youth system. The young talents and the club's sports project depend to a large extent on the performance and continuity of its affiliate teams.

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