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The renowned Getxo International Tennis Tournament returns to Jolaseta

Maria Jose Gonzalez

June 17, 2023 | 1:02 pm

At the heart of Basque tennis: The Getxo International Tournament

The tennis season in the Basque Country reaches its peak with the celebration of the Getxo International Tennis Tournament, a prestigious event held at the venerable Jolaseta club. This tournament, which is in its third edition, will take place in both the men's and women's categories, and this year promises to be full of excitement and fierce competition.

A circuit of tournaments in Euskadi

This tournament is part of the Basque Country Professional Tennis Circuit, a series of four highly competitive tennis tournaments that take place in the region. The previous tournaments are the Open Laukariz and the Open Kiroleta de Bakio, which mark the beginning of this series of sporting events. The Getxo International Tennis Tournament is the third in the order, followed by the Araba Worlds Tennis Tour, a high-level women's tournament.

International presence and promising talent

As always, the Getxo International Tennis Tournament will attract international level tennis players, many of which we will surely see in the world's biggest tournaments in the future. It still remains to confirm who will attend the Getxo event, but expectations are high. Each edition of this tournament has proven to be a breeding ground for talent and a platform for emerging tennis players to make themselves known on the international stage.

The official presentation of the tournament

The official presentation of the tournament was chaired by Igor del Busto, president of the Basque Tennis Federation, and Jorge Barrie, president of the Biscayan Federation. Also present were Carlos Sergio from the Provincial Council of Bizkaia and representatives of the clubs that organize the tournaments, including Jorge Mir from Jolaseta. The event was held chronologically, highlighting the different tournaments that make up the circuit.

Absolute Euskadi Championship Memorial José María Castellanos father and son

It should be noted that between the Getxo and Álava events will take place, also in Jolaseta, the Absolute Euskadi Championship Memorial José María Castellanos father and son. This tournament pays tribute to an important Basque tennis dynasty and promises to be another milestone in the rich history of the sport in the region.

Visibility for talent

The Getxo International Tennis Tournament is much more than a sporting event: it is a showcase for emerging talent, a celebration of the rich tradition of tennis in the Basque Country and a magnet for tennis fans from all over the world. This year's edition promises to be one of the most exciting to date, and is an event not to be missed for any tennis lover.

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