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Third manomanist meeting between Altuna III and Laso at the Bizkaia fronton

Jesus Carames

April 16, 2024 | 7:07 a.m.

This Sunday, the Bizkaia fronton in Bilbao will be the scene of the third manomanista episode between Jokin Altuna, known as Altuna III, and Unai Laso. This confrontation comes loaded with history and expectations, given the intense rivalry and the level shown by both pelotaris in previous matches.

Recent history

  • 2023: In their last match, Altuna III clearly dominated Laso with a score of 22-9 in a match that lasted less than an hour. This match stood out for Altuna's efficiency and precision, leaving Laso without effective answers and confirming his superiority in one-on-one situations.
  • 2022: In a more balanced battle, Laso showed his comeback ability by overcoming a 17-13 deficit, ending an impressive streak of nine consecutive goals to take the 22-17 victory. This match was crucial for Laso, who established himself as a serious contender in the championship.

Physical condition and preparation

Altuna III, who has had to overcome recent physical problems, including surgery on his hand, seems to have returned to his best form, as demonstrated in his last match. His ability to control the game and his superior technique will be key in this matchup.

On the other hand, Unai Laso has had a path of ups and downs, marked by an injury that kept him off the field. However, his victory in the last match showed that he is back and ready to challenge Altuna's dominance.

Strategies and keys to the game

  • Altuna III: Known for his intelligent and technical play, Altuna will likely use his experience and skill to manipulate the tempo of the match and keep Laso under pressure.
  • Laso: You will need to apply an aggressive strategy from the beginning. His ability to execute comebacks and his physical strength will be essential to overcome Altuna's technical defense.

This match is not only crucial for both of their qualifications in the tournament, but also has significant implications for their future careers, given the historical weight and emerging rivalry between the two. Furthermore, the result could influence the configuration of future encounters and the perception of their skills and resilience under pressure.

Ticket sales and atmosphere

With more than 520 seats already reserved and approximately 1,300 tickets still available, an electric atmosphere is anticipated at the Frontón Bizkaia. Ticket prices, which range between 25 and 50 euros, reflect the importance of the meeting.

Future of the rivalry

Although comparing this rivalry to the legendary clashes between Aimar Olaizola and Juan Martínez de Irujo may still be premature, each match between Altuna and Laso adds a fascinating chapter to what many hope will become the new classic of handball.

The choice of material, which will take place this Tuesday, will be another key moment that could influence the development of the game, given the meticulous approach of both competitors towards technical preparation.

This third Manomanista encounter between Altuna III and Laso promises to be an epic battle of skill, strategy and will. With both players fit and motivated, Bizkaia de Bilbao will witness one of the most anticipated clashes of the season. Handball fans, prepare your applause for a duel that will surely be remembered.

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