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Unai Laso triumphs in his first Manomanista and resurfaces in the championship

Miguel Castillo

April 29, 2023 | 8:00 p.m.

The Navarrese pelotari defeats Danel Elezkano and improves his performance

unai laso, the young pelotari from Bizkarreta-Gerendiain, achieved a resounding victory this Saturday in the Manomanista tournament, by beating Danel Elezkano by a score of 22-11 in a match that lasted 46:48 minutes. This victory represents a comeback for Laso and gives him a "extra life" in the championship, since now he will have the opportunity to compete in the semifinals in two weeks against Aitor Elordi.

A solid and powerful game

Although Unai Laso did not show an exceptional performance, his game was more solid and powerful than in his previous matchup against Jokin Altuna. The Navarrese pelotari supported his performance in forceful serves, one of Baiko Pilota's main weapons, and in some hits with his right foot that demonstrated his strength and ability on the pitch.

The road to the semifinals

With this victory, Unai Laso is preparing to face Aitor Elordi in a decisive match to determine who will advance to the Manomanista semifinals. If Jokin Altuna III manages to beat Elordi this Sunday at Astelena in Eibar, he will become a direct semifinalist and leave Danel Elezkano II, who has lost both of his quarterfinal matches, out of the competition. In that case, Altuna is expected to be the betting favorite, with positions from 100 to 25.

The future of the Manomanista

The Manomanista tournament is a highly prestigious event in the world of Basque sports and represents a unique opportunity for young talents like Unai Laso to prove their worth. As the championship progresses, fans will be able to enjoy exciting and high-level matches in search of the most coveted title in Basque pelota.

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