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Urdaibai is crowned with authority in the Spanish trawler championship

Urdaibai is crowned with authority in the Spanish Trawler Championship

Jeickson Sulbaran

June 17, 2024 | 12:30 pm

Bou Bizkaia sweeps the season and Zierbena fights to follow in its wake in the Cantabrian Sea

Bou Bizkaia's dominance is overwhelming at the dawn of the season. With an overwhelming start, she has been crowned champion in the Spanish Championship, after having previously won the provincial and regional ones. Zierbena, her closest competitor, follows closely but cannot catch up with her. This success consolidates Urdaibai as the undisputed reference in the waters of the Cantabrian Sea, already accumulating five Spanish Champion titles in its showcases.

Urdaibai is crowned with authority in the Spanish Trawler Championship

Zierbena, who left the Donosti Bay regatta field on street three, led the first strokes. He even reached ciabogar in first position at the first mark, but I already had Bou Bizkaia on top. For another half length, the two trawlers shared the lead of the regatta. Before reaching the second pitch markers, Urdaibai began to show his bow in front of the 'galipos'. He arrived two seconds ahead at the end of that second length and from there the regatta was over. He put more power into his paddle and arrived five seconds ahead of Zierbena at the third mark. The return length was one of absolute control, without expending more strength than necessary. Zierbena was waiting for a mistake, or a blow from the sea, but the distance was already eight seconds and when they entered the bay he let himself go to finish almost ten seconds behind the new champions of Spain.

Zierbena, the best after Bermeo

The season starts as it ended last season. Zierbena stole second place in the ACT League from Hondarribia on the last day and Ama Guadalupekoa It seems that she has assumed that role of third party among the Basque trawlers. In the Euskadi Championship the podium of this state championship was repeated. In recent seasons, the green trainer's potential has been diminished and right now he is far from being able to put pressure on Urdaibai.

The best Gipuzkoan trainer can only hope to fight with Zierbena for second place, but the Biscayans maintain last year's project with Dani Pérez at the helm. The first place, for now, has an owner. The start of the ACT is close. The calendar, with the three championships already held, is clear for the trainera league. Perhaps the strategy of the benches will be different for the last weekend of June in Galicia, but everything suggests that it will once again be a monologue from Bou Bizkaia. The ACT starts again with the Cidade da Coruña Flag on Saturday the 29th and that of Concello de Bueu on Sunday the 30th.

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