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Valverde explains how to win the Cup

Valverde comments on the Cup tie: "It is a situation where everything is decided in a single game on the opponent's field."

Jesus Carames

March 11, 2024 | 7:30 a.m.

This year, Athletic Club de Bilbao, under the technical direction of Ernesto Valverde, is in the race for this coveted trophy. But what is the key to achieving glory in this highly competitive tournament? According to Valverde, the answer lies not only in specific preparation for the final, but in maintaining a high competitive level in all competitions, including the fight for a place in the Champions League.

The importance of competitive consistency

Valverde is emphatic in pointing out that performance in the League cannot be neglected in the hope of concentrating all efforts on a single final. “It is important to maintain our high competitive level,” says the Athletic coach. This philosophy is based on the belief that excellence in football is not built overnight or limited to a single match, but is the result of constant effort and high competitiveness in each match.

A comprehensive approach to success

Valverde's strategy to win the Copa del Rey involves a comprehensive approach that encompasses not only tactics and physical preparation, but also the team's mentality. «We cannot think that you put aside the League matches and then compete at a high level in a final. "That doesn't happen.", he points out. This vision underlines the importance of approaching each match with the utmost seriousness, since each victory in the League is a step towards consolidating a team capable of competing for the Cup.

The winning mentality, key on the road to the final

The road to the Copa del Rey final is full of challenges, and Valverde is aware that the team's mentality will be a determining factor. Instilling a winning mentality, where each player assumes their role responsibly and commits to the common goal, is essential. This approach not only prepares the team for the intensity of a final, but also strengthens team spirit and confidence in their own abilities.

Physical and tactical preparation is not everything

Although physical and tactical preparation are essential, Valverde places special emphasis on group cohesion and emotional intelligence to handle the pressure of decisive moments. The ability to remain calm, make good decisions under pressure and support each other on the field are qualities that the Athletic coach considers crucial to success in the Copa del Rey.

Ernesto Valverde's strategy to win the Copa del Rey with Athletic Club de Bilbao is a reminder that success in football is the result of multifaceted work. Maintaining a high competitive level in the League, fostering a winning mentality, preparing the team physically and tactically, and strengthening group cohesion are the pillars of his approach. In football, as in life, excellence is a path of perseverance, effort and unity. Athletic Club, with Valverde at the helm, is preparing to show that it is ready to face this challenge and lift the Copa del Rey, consolidating itself once again as one of the greats of football.

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