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Valverde reveals Athletic's secret

Valverde reveals Athletic's secret

Jeickson Sulbaran

April 18, 2024 | 12:00 p.m.

Ernesto Valverde talks about the Champions League aspiration

Athletic Club de Bilbao, under the direction of Ernesto Valverde, is experiencing a crucial moment in its search for a place in the Champions League after securing its place in the Europa League as champions of the Copa del Rey. This year, the team shows substantial improvement compared to last season, especially in their performances at home and their offensive efficiency.

Since the beginning of the season, the Athletic it was a clear example of resilience and determination. After securing the Europa League, the team has not given up; rather, he has redoubled his efforts with the goal of qualifying for the Champions League. Currently, Athletic is just four points away from fourth place, with a total of 21 points still up for grabs in the last seven rounds of the League.

Ernesto Valverde talks about the Champions League aspiration

The importance of home games and the improvement in scoring efficiency

One of the keys to this season has been the strength shown at the San Mamés stadium. Valverde has made the team stronger at home, an aspect that has contributed significantly to the overall improvement. Compared to last season, Athletic have been stronger in defense and more effective in attack, aspects that Valverde has emphasized on several occasions.

El Athletic coach He has also pointed out the importance of maintaining concentration and competitiveness in each match. «Each meeting is fundamental for what remains»Valverde mentioned in a recent interview. This mentality is crucial, especially in matches against direct teams like Atlético de Madrid, where Athletic will not only seek to win, but also close the gap in the table.

Furthermore, the improvement in scoring efficiency has been notable. Since Aduriz's withdrawal, the team has looked for new figures to assume the responsibility of converting opportunities into goals. This season, several players have taken a step forward in this regard, which has resulted in a more balanced distribution of goals in the team.

Ernesto Valverde has expressed his optimism about the team's chances of reaching the Champions League, despite recognizing the challenges they face. "We do not depend on ourselves, but every week is an opportunity to close the gap", stated the technician. This attitude reflects the mentality that Valverde has established in the team: a combination of realism and hope.

The road to the Champions League and the impact of Atlético's elimination

La elimination of Atlético de Madrid from the Champions League could play a role in the league, since now the Madrid team's focus will be exclusively on the domestic competition. However, Valverde prefers to focus on what Athletic can control. "We are going to go step by step, focus on Friday's game, which is important for us," commented the coach, underlining the need to concentrate on each game as if it were the last.

Finally, this year the Athletic It has not only improved in terms of results, but also in the way they approach each challenge. With the guidance of Valverde, the team has adopted a more seasoned and determined mentality, essential for any team that aspires to compete in Europe. The next games will be decisive, and everything indicates that Athletic is more than prepared to face the challenges that come.

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