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Spain denies the segregation of Usansolo

Maria Jose Gonzalez

June 30, 2023 | 10:00 a.m.

usan solo, a town with a palpable desire to become independent from the municipality of Galdakao, faces an unexpected obstacle. The Spanish government has decided not to support its segregation, a decision that frustrates the hopes of its inhabitants to function as an independent municipality.

The refusal of the Spanish Government

The refusal of the Ministry of Territorial Policy has fallen like a jug of cold water. The decision is based on Usansolo does not reach 5000 inhabitants, an essential condition for its registration in the register of local entities. This fact highlights the difference in criteria between state and regional regulations.

The obstacle arises despite the fact that all the necessary procedures in Euskadi had been completed. However, to start operating as an independent municipality, the approval of the central government is necessary, which ultimately has not come.

Discontent in Usansolo, Galdakao and the Provincial Council of Bizkaia

Both the Bizkaia Provincial Council and the Usansolo Manager and the Galdakao City Council have confirmed the refusal to register in local entities, dependent on the Spanish Government. This decision has been a setback, as Usansolo fails to comply with State Law due to its population.

However, it is important to note that according to regional regulations, the population requirement is reduced by half, that is, 2500 inhabitants. This discrepancy between state and foral laws results in an uncertain situation for Usansolo.

The possible answer: administrative or judicial remedies

Faced with this scenario, the three entities involved – the Bizkaia Provincial Council, the Usansolo Manager and the Galdakao City Council – are evaluating which path to take. Two options are on the horizon: opt for a administrative or judicial appeal.

The choice is not easy. Although an administrative appeal could be faster, a judicial appeal, although longer, could carry more weight. In any case, time is pressing, since they have a period of two months to present said appeal.

Usansolo's fight for his segregation from Galdakao is far from over. The community, supported by local institutions, will continue to look for ways to achieve their long-awaited independence. Undoubtedly, the response to the refusal of the Spanish Government will be decisive in the future of this small population center of Bizkaia.

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