June 18th, 2024 | 12:07

Who are we

BilbaoHiria.com is a Basque newspaper that crosses borders, with a European and global vision. It was born in 2012 in the digital field, led by a group of professionals committed to the values ​​of journalism from a free, plural and open perspective.

BilbaoHiria.com focuses its attention on political, economic, social, cultural and sports news, paying special attention to the informative dynamics of Bilbao and Bizkaia.

BilbaoHiria.com is published in Basque, Spanish and English and uses the digital environment as a channel of expression and constant interaction with its readers and the general public.

BilbaoHiria.com will commits exclusively to the service to the reader as the ultimate objective of the informative task. The newspaper assumes the values ​​of journalism as a tool to better explain and understand reality and its application in the digital environment.

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BilbaoHiria is a publication always in memory of Jesus Zarate Barona "Patxolo"


Jose Antonio Paunero – Economy

Anton Sainz Mandiola – Health

Marga Irusta – Science

Manuel Escudero – Industry and commerce

Emmanuele Rocca – Europe & America

María Tejedor: Digital economy, innovation & Data

Peio San Miguel: Sports

Miguel Castillo: Politics