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Antiguoko denounces unfair practices by Real Sociedad and the Gipuzkoa Provincial Council against Athletic

Jesus Carames

April 27, 2024 | 9:34 p.m.

The Antiguoko Kirol Elkartea football club has issued a strong public statement accusing Real Sociedad and the Provincial Council of Gipuzkoa of improper and arbitrary conduct in the process of signing the young player Alfredo Alogo, generating a wave of controversy in the regional sports field. .

The origin of the dispute centers on the granting of a special permit by the Provincial Council of Gipuzkoa, allowing Alfredo Alogo, still a junior, to participate in the children's category with the Royal Society. This action is considered an exception to the current regulations, privileging Real to the detriment of other clubs, particularly in a direct competitive context against Antiguoko.

Antiguoko highlights the irony of the situation, since they themselves requested a similar permit in November of last year for an injured player and their request was denied. The inconsistency in the application of the rules has raised suspicions of favoritism and has been perceived as an unfair advantage for Real Sociedad in its transfer strategy.

The Antiguoko board has described these actions as "intolerable", arguing that the Provincial Council has acted in favor of private interests and against the principles of equality and free competition that should govern sport and public administration. This situation has motivated Antiguoko to launch an urgent call for equitable treatment between all teams and the immediate revocation of the special authorization granted.

In response to the general unrest, especially among the families of the Antiguoko players, the club has announced that it will proceed to collect all relevant information and documentation about the case. The objective is to thoroughly analyze the situation and, if necessary, take legal measures to ensure that the rights of all clubs involved are respected.

This incident has not only sparked a local scandal, but has also highlighted the need to review and possibly reform how clearances and exceptions are managed in youth sport, to ensure that all teams and players compete on a level playing field. The Antiguoko Board of Directors remains steadfast in its commitment to defend the integrity of grassroots football and ensure that young talent can develop in a fair and competitive environment.

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