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Remiro remembers Athletic but badly

Jesus Carames

April 19, 2024 | 8:27 a.m.

Alex Remiro and his indifference towards the Cup final

Alex Remiro, current Real Sociedad goalkeeper and former player of the Athletic Club, has revealed in an interview with Radio San Sebastián that he chose not to watch the Copa del Rey final between Athletic and Mallorca. This confession not only highlights the complexity of his emotions towards his former team but also the psychological impact of his own experience in the semi-finals against Mallorca.

A broken link

Raised as a footballer in Lezama, Athletic's youth academy, where he met figures like Lekue and Yeray, Remiro left the club in circumstances that still resonate with a certain bitterness. His departure from Bilbao was not friendly, and since then, his comments about the club tend to have a critical tone. The fact that he did not want to see the final – a match that he could have seen former teammates celebrate – highlights the emotional distance that he now feels towards Athletic.

Mixed feelings

Remiro admitted to having mixed feelings during the final. On the one hand, Athletic's victory meant that people he cared about personally were happy, which is positive for him. However, on the other hand, he remembered Real Sociedad's defeat against Mallorca, a match that affected him deeply, preventing him from "helping his teammates" and contributing to his decision not to continue the match.

The double standards of success

Remiro's ambivalence also extended to the result of the match and its implications for European qualification. Although part of him wanted Mallorca to win, he also recognized that Athletic's victory (and therefore, an additional European place) would indirectly benefit Real Sociedad. This reflects an internal struggle between wanting the best for his current team and residual resentment towards his former club.

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