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San Jorge festivities in Santurtzi celebrate the seafaring culture and tradition

Mairenis Gomez

April 17, 2024 | 2:04 p.m.

From this Friday until Sunday the 28th

Santurtzi, has perceived a unique atmosphere that surrounds me with its festive fervor. This Friday, the seaside town will give start to the festivities in honor of Saint George, its patron saint. The streets will be dressed to the nines, filled with activities that celebrate heritage and communal spirit. The City Council has designed a program which includes everything from music and gastronomic competitions to an ecological racing circuit, highlighting the rich cultural tapestry of this community.

A musical start sets the tone for the celebration

Music, that sublime expression of Santurtziarra culture, will take center stage from the first day. The Maitia choir will offer a concert in the church of San Jorge, followed by the performance of Rool DJ on the pontoons, establishing a festive atmosphere that promises to engage locals and strangers. This effort to preserve and exalt local traditions not only strengthens communal identity, but also invites reflection on the importance of keeping our cultural roots alive through music and coexistence.

A Saturday full of activities for all ages

In addition, Saturday's day will be marked by a variety of events designed to entertain and engage the whole family. From gastronomic competitions that will challenge the palates of the teams to children's games on the pedestrian street, Every moment is designed to foster unity and community spirit. The night will culminate with a lyrical-choral gala in the church of San Jorge and a festival that will surely be the delight of those attending.

Saturday's day will be marked by a variety of events designed to entertain and engage the whole family.

The celebration continues with innovation and recognition

After the patron's day, Santurtzi does not lose momentum. The Bridgestone Greenpower Circuit will introduce an eco-racing competition, highlighting the town's commitment to sustainability. In addition, the second weekend promises more music and the presentation of the Lehoi Ernai Sariak, awards that reflect appreciation for local history and culture, and that were instituted by a renowned historian of the town, evidencing the intersection of tradition and innovation in these festivities.

Without a doubt, Santurtzi during these festivities has allowed us to understand how a community can simultaneously look back, towards its roots, and forward, towards the future, through the celebration of its culture. Every event, every musical note and every shared smile are testaments to a town that proudly celebrates its heritage while embracing change.. This is the true spirit of the Saint George Festival, a spirit that invites everyone, locals and visitors, to be part of something much bigger than themselves.

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