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Deville and Formed Child headline the Inkestas Rock Festival 2024 lineup

Deville and Formed Child headline the Inkestas Rock Festival 2024 lineup (2)

Mairenis Gomez

April 16, 2024 | 9:00 a.m.

The free festival celebrates its 15th anniversary with great bands in Sopela, highlighting the participation of Deville and Former Child

The Inkestas Rock Festival, which takes place annually in the town of Sopela, is preparing for a very special edition this year. Celebrating its 15th anniversary, the event is postulated not only as an important cultural meeting within the province of Bizkaia, but also as an essential meeting point for lovers of metal and related styles. This year, bands Deville from Sweden and Former Child from Bilbao will take the stage, promising performances that will stand out within the area's music scene.

Deville: two decades of musical evolution

From Sweden, Deville comes to Sopela after twenty years of career, in which they have perfected a stoner style that continues to evolve. The band has been able to continually reinvent itself, staying relevant in a genre that demands both innovation and respect for its roots.. This commitment to evolution has allowed them to develop a distinctive sound that promises to capture the attention of audiences at the festival.

On the other hand, we have Former Child, a younger group in terms of training but made up of musicians with vast experience on stage. Originally from Bilbao, this band brings a shoegaze space-rock style to the festival, a genre that, although less conventional within metal, offers a rich and immersive listening experience. Former Child's ability to transport their audience to other universes through their music is precisely what makes them an intriguing addition to the festival lineup.

The Inkestas Rock Festival is not only an event to enjoy live music, but also an opportunity to support underground music culture. With free admission, the festival calls on its community to spread the word, leveraging social media and word of mouth to expand its reach. This strategy not only helps maintain the viability of the festival, but also strengthens the local music community, offering a platform for emerging and established artists.

In addition to musical performances, the festival offers various activities related to surf culture, an integral element of Basque coastal towns. These activities complement the festival experience, providing attendees with a complete immersion in the local culture and traditions.

An event of celebration and discovery

The 15th edition of the Inkestas Rock Festival is a celebration of music, culture and community. Being free and open to all, it represents a significant effort to democratize access to musical culture, allowing people from all social strata to enjoy a quality experience without financial worries. This festival is not only an event, but a declaration of principles: music and culture should be accessible to everyone.

With the participation of bands like Deville and Former Child, The festival ensures a mix of musical experiences that will appeal to both long-term fans and new listeners. The diversity of styles and the quality of the performances are a guarantee that the Inkestas Rock Festival will continue to be a prominent event in the cultural calendar of Bizkaia.

In summary, the Inkestas Rock Festival It is much more than a musical event: it is a meeting point for the community, a celebration of underground culture and a space for musical experimentation and discovery. The invitation is open to all those who wish to be part of this vibrant celebration of music and culture in Sopela.

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