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Izaro wins the MIN award for best album in Basque

Maria Jose Gonzalez

April 18, 2024 | 9:17 p.m.

In a night full of talent and celebration of independent music, Izaro stood out by receiving the award for Best Album in Basque for his work 'zerodenero' at the 16th edition of the MIN awards, held in Zaragoza. This recognition not only underlines the quality and depth of his music, but also the vitality of Basque as a language of contemporary artistic expression.

On Wednesday night, the independent music spotlight focused on Zaragoza, where the MIN awards ceremony took place. Hosted by influencer and actress Lala Chus, the gala saw artists from across the state compete for recognition in various categories. Although the female group Ginebras started out as one of the favorites with five nominations, it was Izaro who captured the attention and applause by winning the award for best album in Basque with 'zerodenero'.

A recognition of linguistic and cultural diversity

The award, sponsored by the Etxepare Institute, is not only a personal triumph for Izaro, but also a significant moment for music in Basque. Competing with other talented artists such as Amorante, Bulego, Ezpalak, and Zetak, Izaro's victory highlights the richness and diversity of Basque music. His success at Zeid Fest and his participation in the prestigious SXSW festival in Austin, Texas, previously, speak of his growing influence and acceptance beyond the borders of the Basque Country.

Night of stars in Zaragoza

While Izaro took the honors in the Basque category, other artists also had stellar moments. Baiuca and Alba Reche dominated the night by winning all three awards for which they were nominated, including best state song of the year for "Diamante." This mini EP 'Diamante/La Mare' is a fusion of electronica and pop that has captured the imagination of the audience nationwide.

The rock duo Cala Vento and the Canarian singer-songwriter Valeria Castro were also recognized with two awards each, for their albums 'Casa linda' and 'Con affection y con vivir', respectively. Castro is also scheduled to perform at the Sala BBK in Bilbao on May 18, which promises to be an outstanding event for her followers.

The recognition of Izaro and the celebration of the MIN awards demonstrate the vibrant independent music scene in Spain, which not only embraces linguistic diversity but also celebrates it. As artists like Izaro continue to break barriers and bring Basque music to the global stage, the MIN Awards offer an essential platform to highlight these unique talents.

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