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Fermín Muguruza announces 40th anniversary concert

Maria Jose Gonzalez

April 20, 2024 | 8:05 a.m.

Fermin Muguruza, the iconic Basque musician, has announced a special concert at the Bilbao Arena on December 20 to celebrate his 40 years in music, marking his return to the stage after a decade-long hiatus. This event will not only serve to commemorate his career with Kortatu, Negu Gorriak, and his solo career, but also to take a stand against censorship and recent attacks by the extreme right towards arts and culture in Spain .

Celebrating four decades of musical revolution

From the combative chords of Kortatu to the hard-hitting rhythms of Negu Gorriak and the global explorations of his solo career, Muguruza has been a constant voice of resistance and innovation. His lyrics, often loaded with social and political criticism, have resonated with generations of listeners, and his musical style has transcended borders, influencing the music scene not only in the Basque Country, but internationally.

A concert against censorship

The concert, called «FM Muguruza. 1984-2024”, not only seeks to celebrate past successes, but also send a clear message against the restrictions on freedom of expression that have affected artists over the years. Muguruza has expressed his desire for this event to be a space for celebration and vindication, a response to recent attacks on cultural figures who have defended his works in the face of political and social pressures.

eEvent Details

The Bilbao Arena will prepare to welcome thousands of fans on December 20, where they will be able to enjoy a musical retrospective that promises to be as intense as it is reflective. Tickets will be available from April 23, ensuring that long-time fans and new listeners alike can be part of this historic experience.

Impact and support

The news of the concert has been well received in various sectors, highlighting the continued support for Muguruza as an emblematic figure of cultural activism. With this concert, Fermin not only celebrates a personal milestone, but also strengthens the cultural movement that he has helped forge, demonstrating that music remains a powerful form of resistance and expression.

On December 20, the Bilbao Arena will not only vibrate with music, but also with the indomitable spirit of Fermin Muguruza and his community, reminding the world that culture and freedom of expression must advance without fear of censorship. This concert promises to be a milestone in Muguruza's career and a beacon of inspiration for political and social action through art.

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