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Lasesarre prepares for the spectacular IV Euskadi Championship of modern and urban dance

Lasesarre is preparing for the spectacular IV Euskadi Championship of Modern and Urban Dance with 2.150 participants (2)

Jeickson Sulbaran

April 18, 2024 | 7:49 a.m.

Barakaldo will host the fourth edition of the Euskadi Modern and Urban Dance Championship this weekend

Where more than 2.000 participants They will demonstrate their talent in a championship dance hall that has doubled in size compared to the previous year. The event, which also celebrates the tenth anniversary of the organizing association Izarrak Elkartea Euskal Urban Dantz, has already sold 3.400 tickets and promises to be an unprecedented event in the field of contemporary and urban dance.

Enjoy the spectacular IV Euskadi Championship of Modern and Urban Dance in Barakaldo this April 20 and 21 with more than 2.150 participants

This event is not only an opportunity for dancers of all ages and levels to show their skill, but it has also become a meeting point for fans of modern and urban dance from all over the country. The expansion of the days and the increase in ticket sales reflect the growing interest and the importance of this championship in the cultural panorama of the Basque Country and Spain.

The Lasesarre multipurpose pavilion, with an area of ​​2.600 square meters, has been adapted to offer a 12 x 15 meter stage where competitors can exhibit their best choreographies. In addition, this year a new format has been implemented that includes two days of competition to accommodate a greater number of participants and disciplines.

Categories range from 'Baby' for the little ones, to 'premium' categories for the most experienced.

It is also important to note that the organization has made considerable effort to ensure a harassment-free environment, with special 'No Bullying' points at the event.

This year's jury is made up of leading figures in the world of dance, such as Michele Manganaro and Judit Rodríguez, which underlines the seriousness and international level of the event. The presence of these judges not only raises the profile of the championship, but also ensures a professional evaluation of the performances in aspects such as technique, originality and artistic expression.

In addition, financial prizes totaling 38.000 euros will be distributed, which not only motivates participants, but also recognizes and rewards their effort and dedication. These types of incentives are essential for the development of dance as an art form and for the encouragement of emerging artists.

Beyond the competition, the championship also focuses on being a launching pad for new talent. The Place school, directed by Michele Manganaro, offers scholarships to outstanding participants, which provides them with opportunities to advance their training and professional career.

The organization behind the championship, Izarrak Elkartea Euskal Urban Dantz, celebrates its tenth anniversary with this event. Founded with the purpose of promoting modern and urban dance in Euskadi, the association has been an important driver for the popularization of these dance forms, organizing events that not only attract local participants, but also from all over the country.

In summary, the IV Championship of Euskadi de Danza Moderna y Urbana is not just a dance event, but a celebration of culture and artistic talent, reflecting the vibrant dance community in the Basque Country and its ability to attract a diverse and enthusiastic audience. With the continued support of local institutions and sponsors, this championship will surely continue to grow and stand out as an essential event in Spain's cultural calendar.

Barakaldo and the championship are preparing for a weekend of impressive performances that will, without a doubt, be a showcase of the talent and creativity that modern and urban dance have to offer.

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